Traps to avoid if you are looking for a student accommodation in Lille

As the academic year comes to a close, students are already looking for housing for the 2021/2022 academic year. But beware of the pitfalls...

After having faced a complicated year by taking classes almost entirely at a distance, students begin their quest to obtain housing for the start of the school year in September 2021. Between those who leave their apartment and those who look for one, the possibilities in Lille (Nord) are numerous, as much as the scams... We give you the advices to avoid the traps in your quest for the ideal apartment.

Declining demand in Lille

The apartment rental agency recently published its annual study of the student residence in Lille market in the French private rental market by analyzing more than 40,000 student rental requests over the last 12 months. Between this year and last year, there has been a 17% reduction in demand, the main cause of this decrease being the health crisis causing students to return to their parents' homes to take their courses at a distance. In addition, nearly 60% of those who rent to students have experienced a premature departure of their tenant, according to the latest survey conducted by in its newsletter for landlords. The health crisis thus seems to have had a strong impact on the student housing market.

A 100% face-to-face start to the school year

Despite this sharp decline, requests for accommodation are very present on social networks. Indeed, invited to the microphone of France Inter on April 27, 2021, Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education said that the government was preparing a return to school "100% face-to-face" in September for students. A slight return to normalcy that seems to give students a little hope. Most students will be happy to find housing close to their classroom and we can imagine that this normalization will also be welcome for parents. Due to the difficulties encountered by students in obtaining Crous housing in Lille, young people are turning to social networks, especially Twitter, to launch their calls for help.

Beware of traps when renting in Lille

The CRIJ (Centre Régional Information Jeunesse) Hauts-de-France has made available to students a "housing guide" on its website in order to guide students in their housing search. Students who are looking for housing for the first time are easy prey for scam artists. Fees to be paid in advance, list brokers, false ads... Traps are often rife! Here are a few tips to avoid them.

Do not take a home that is beyond your means. Indeed, when you decide to rent an apartment, you have to think about the price of the rent but not only. Education costs, energy bills, shopping, outings/leisure, agency fees... There are many things to take into account so it is necessary to calculate your budget before jumping at the first opportunity.

Check that the accommodation complies with the rent regulation. If your apartment is located in Lille, Lomme or Hellemmes, make sure that the rent is in accordance with the regulation that has been in place for over a year now. A rent cannot exceed a certain amount.

Ne pas seulement se fier aux photos. It is absolutely necessary to visit the apartment. This is the only way the student can be sure that the apartment is in good condition. You should not hesitate to examine the entire apartment, especially the insulation of the windows and doors.

Ne pas verser d’argent avant la signature du bail. No reservation check is required for an apartment. Once the apartment has been visited, the student will be able to sign the lease if his or her application is accepted. It is only after this signature that the agency or the tenant can claim fees from the student.

Beware of overly tempting ads. Ads that seem to be too perfect are often scams. Scammers frequently publish these types of ads on sites that are free to access, such as for example. If you accept, you will be faced with requests for advance payment which are totally unacceptable.

Never agree to live in a home in poor condition. Even if the student is desperate and has few options, you should never rent housing that does not meet health and safety standards (no natural light, no drinking water, unhealthy, less than 9m²...). If these standards are not met, the student will not be able to obtain housing assistance. If this is your case, you can contact the " info logement indigne " number at 0806 706 806.

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